Kieran Culkin Winning His First Golden Globe and Telling Pedro Pascal to "Suck It" Is the Energy We Need

2024 Golden Globes Recap: Viral Memes & Must-See Moments!

Kieran Culkin brought a little bit of Roman Roy with him to the stage at the 2024 Golden Globes.

How else do you explain him poking fun at a man who has his arm in a cast, after all?!

Obviously it was all in good fun when Culkin, the night's winner for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his pitch-perfect performance as the tied-for-first-most-complicated heir on HBO's Succession, told fellow nominee Pedro Pascal just what to do.

"I was nominated for a Golden Globe [for Igby Goes Down] like 20 years ago," Culkin said, "and when that moment passed I remember thinking I would never be back in this room again. Which was fine, wha…