Kieran Culkin Winning His First Golden Globe and Telling Pedro Pascal to "Suck It" Is the Energy We Need

2024 Golden Globes Recap: Viral Memes & Must-See Moments!

Kieran Culkin brought a little bit of Roman Roy with him to the stage at the 2024 Golden Globes.

How else do you explain him poking fun at a man who has his arm in a cast, after all?!

Obviously it was all in good fun when Culkin, the night's winner for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his pitch-perfect performance as the tied-for-first-most-complicated heir on HBO's Succession, told fellow nominee Pedro Pascal just what to do.

"I was nominated for a Golden Globe [for Igby Goes Down] like 20 years ago," Culkin said, "and when that moment passed I remember thinking I would never be back in this room again. Which was fine, whatever, but thanks to Succession I've been in here a couple times, it's nice—but I sort of accepted I was never going to be on this stage. This is a nice moment."

He quickly added, holding up his statue, "Suck it, Pedro, sorry. Mine."

The star of The Last of Us, who enjoyed what we call a year-long moment after the hit show based on the revered video game premiered, chuckled and then mimed a sad face, though his shoulders continued to shudder with laughter.

And that, friends, is what we call HBO synergy.

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But for the most part, the ever-wry Culkin brother was adorably self-deprecating, deadpanning as he reached the stage, "Oh, nightmare, ugh. Sit down!"

Then he apologized for burping, quipping, "Didn't need to say that. Otherwise this is a nice moment for me. I've blown it already, Jazz [Charton, his wife who gave him a huge congratulatory kiss after his name was called], you were right. 'Just say thanks and leave,' you were right."


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He thanked the writers and cast of Succession, "everybody that showed up that believed in this thing, that was very cool. This isn't mine, this is one for the team."คำพูดจาก สล็อต888

Kieran Culkin Winning His First Golden Globe and Telling Pedro Pascal to "Suck It" Is the Energy We Need

Urged to wrap it up, Culkin still made sure to thank "three amazing women" in his life: his manager, his wife ("thanks for putting up with this and all that comes with it") and his mother, Patricia Brentrup

"My wonderful mom," he said, his eyes starting to mist over, "thank you so much for doing everything you did for us. You're an amazing woman."

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