Jeleen Hutama

I am 19 years old (US age) and I currently live in the United States. My hobbies include singing, dancing, song-writing, playing the piano and guitar, acting, reading, photography and Wing Chun martial arts. I took ballet lessons for 12 years and have experience in hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance. I took piano lesson for 13 years and taught myself how to play the guitar. I learned how to speak French for 5 years and I am currently teaching myself Korean. I am incredibly passionate about music and performing so doing it for the rest of my life would be a dream come true. I don't mind putting in hard work and I will continue to persist when times get tough!


Suttipat Buranatrevedh

Hello! I'm Suttipat Buranatrevedh or Kaooat from Thailand. I'm good at dance. I can sing and rap too. I can speak Thai, English, and a little bit of Korean. My motivation for applying this is I saw U-KISS and ONF. These bands are very awesome. I saw them hardworking. They make me dance and practice seriously. They're the one that makes me want to be an idol. I want to make people happy with my voice and performance. I'm ready to practice harder at any Korean Entertainment that they want to choose me. Lastly, I hope that you will see my talent, and select me to be a trainee in your company. 열심히 하겠습니다. My Experience: SM Global Audition in Bangkok 2017, 2018, 2019 Cube World Star Audition in Bangkok 2017 FNC Global Audition in Bangkok 2017,2018 Big Hit Global Audition in Bangkok 2018 Fantagio Global Audition in Bangkok 2018 Belift Lab Global Audition in Bangkok 2019 KIWI Media Global Audition in Bangkok 2019 Odyssey Audition (Battle of Dreams) 2019 [Finalist] JYP Global Audition in Bangkok 2019, 2020 WM Entertainment Online Audition 2020 Insight x NSMG Project I Audition 2020 [Pass to Project I Audition Day round] Asia Super Young Global Audition 2020 (Kakao M) [Pass to 2nd round]