Meet the Cast of Perfect Match

The dating competition show has long been a cornerstone of the reality TV genre and this Valentine’s Day, a new Netflix series, Perfect Match, will bring together the most eligible singles from platform’s other reality series, for yet another chance at love. The premise of the show, which is hosted by Nick Lachey, Netflix’s go-to romance show host, is the stuff of reality TV dreams: assemble a group of hot and horny singles on a tropical island, where they’ll compete to form relationships—consider it the ultimate dating competition.

Forming real connections, ironic though it might seem in a reality TV dating competition, turns out to be the key to succeeding on Perfect Match, as the most compatible couples will be given the opportunity to try their own hands at matchmaking, by breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with new singles they’ll invite to the villa.

To cast the show, producers turned to the stars of nine of Netflix’s other reality shows, selecting a combination of fan favorites and villains from the series Love Is Blind, The Circle, The Circle: France, The Mole, Selling Tampa, Sexy Beasts, Too Hot To Handle, Twentysomethings, and The Ultimatum.

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The episodes will release in batches of four, with the first four dropping on Feb. 14 and new episodes debuting every week on Tuesdays. From their former reality TV show appearances to their occupations, here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Perfect Match.

Abbey Humphreys

Abbey Humphreys made her reality TV debut in the first season of Netflix’s series, Twentysomethings: Austin, a reality show about eight singles who have relocated to live together in Austin, TX. The 27-year-old bartender, who is originally from Houston and attended the University of San Diego, made a splash on her show when it was revealed that she was previously married as a 20-year-old (she divorced in 2021, shortly before filming the series), a fact that she didn’t immediately reveal to her housemates. Humphreys identifies as bisexual and came out publicly in the first episode of Twentysomethings.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

On Netflix’s Selling Tampa, a spinoff of the popular Selling Sunset real estate series, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere is one of the show’s power players. The 28-year-old property accountant-turned-real estate professional is one of the top agents at Tampa’s Allure Realty, doing so well that in 2021, she became the first agent at the firm to “cap,” which means she’s producing enough to no longer have to split commissions with the firm; she was also named the realty’s “Agent of the Year.” Petit-Frere, who was born in Haiti and moved to the U.S. in 2005, attended the University of South Florida.

Bartise Bowden

Bartise Bowden emerged as one of the more controversial characters on season 3 of Netflix’s wildly popular dating reality series Love Is Blind, due to a messy love triangle and a polarizing opinion on reproductive rights. The 27-year-old CPA, who hails from Dallas, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Dallas, faced drama on the show when he proposed to one woman, but continued to compare her to another contestant he had feelings for; unsurprisingly, the couple did not end up tying the knot, with Bowden backing out at the altar. Bowden also faced criticism from viewers after he came out in opposition to abortion during a discussion with his then-fiancée, who advocated that only women should be able to choose what happens to their bodies. Since season 3 ended, Bowden has walked back his stance on the issue.

Calvin Crooks

Calvin Crooks was eliminated fairly early from Netflix’s influencer reality show, The Circle, but his time on the series definitely left an impression. The 32-year-old fitness trainer and vegetarian nutritionist who hails from Miami, FL also previously held a job as a junior software engineer. Before he was a reality TV star, Crooks also played for professional football clubs in England and Iceland.

Chase DeMoor

Chase DeMoor showed he was a player on and off the field when he appeared on season 2 of Netflix’s dating show, Too Hot To Handle, the series where frisky singles have to choose between having sex or winning a $100,000 grand prize. DeMoor had a dramatic romance—and an equally dramatic split on the show, helping to make him one of the fan favorites of the season. A former NFL hopeful, who played for the Houston Linemen in the Spring League, the 26-year-old athlete is now a professional boxer with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

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Chloe Veitch

When it comes to Netflix’s reality TV offerings, Chloe Veitch is an all-star. The 23-year-old British model and former beauty queen appeared on the first season of Too Hot To Handle, where she emerged as a fan favorite and a joint winner at the end of the show. Following her stint on Too Hot to Handle, she appeared on season 2 of The Circle, where she struck up a flirtation with fellow Perfect Match contestant Mitchell Eason.

Colony Reeves

Netflix viewers may remember Colony Reeves as a vivacious part of Selling Tampa, which was canceled after just one season on the streaming platform, but it looks like the 31-year-old real estate agent hasn’t given up on reality TV yet, having joined the cast of Perfect Match. Reeves, who’s a Tampa native, wasn’t always in the business of selling homes, however; after graduating from the University of South Florida, she became a teacher, but later found her true calling as a real estate agent.

Damian Powers

When Damian Powers was last on a Netflix show, he had misgivings about committing to his then-fiancée, Giannina Gibelli, eventually leaving her at the altar. The 31-year-old, who was born in Germany and currently lives in Atlanta, is now a full-time influencer, and has since struck up a friendship with Too Hot To Handle‘s Francesca Farago, with the two potentially exploring a romance on Perfect Match.

Diamond Jack

When it comes to love on-screen, Diamond Jack has had some pretty memorable storylines. The 31-year-old former NBA dancer, who now works at a cancer nonprofit, appeared on the first season of Love Is Blind, where she was engaged to Carlton Morton, a relationship that was short-lived and ended acrimoniously with drinks being thrown and her engagement ring flung into a swimming pool. Two years later, at the reunion special for the show, Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Jack had a blind date that went awry with Rumeal, a friend of her friend’s boyfriend, leading to her being abandoned at an event.

Dom Gabriel

Dom Gabriel was one of the most charismatic newcomers to Netflix’s reboot of The Mole, where he played a heavy machine operator. Outside of reality television, the Toronto native is the lead singer and songwriter of the band, Don’t Call, and an avid creator on TikTok.

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago became one of the most infamous cast members of Too Hot to Handle, after she and fellow cast member Harry Jowsey had sex while knowing that their physical intimacy would take away from the entire cast’s overall cash prize. The 29-year-old YouTube creator and influencer from Vancouver, British Columbia, had a tempestuous relationship with Jowsey, that culminated in him proposing to her at the show’s reunion, but the pair ultimately called it quits.

Georgia Hassarati

Georgia Hassarati left a definite impression on season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, where she established herself as a heartbreaker. The 26-year-old midwife student, who is from Brisbane, Australia, formerly dated another Too Hot To Handle alum, Harry Jowsey. Her former relationship may cause some waves in the villa, as Harry was in a passionate relationship with Francesca, another Perfect Match contestant, on season 1 of the Too Hot To Handle.

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Ines Tazi

Ines Tazi was first introduced to Netflix viewers on the first season of The Circle: France in 2020. A fashion and beauty influencer, the 26-year-old splits her time between Los Angeles, London, and Paris; in an initial confessional interview for the first episode of Perfect Match, she expressed interest in Love Is Blind’s Shayne Jansen and The Circle’s Nick Uhlenhuth.

Izzy Fairthorne

When Izzy Fairthorne appeared on season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, she quickly became a fan favorite, making it to the finals of the show, thanks to a relationship with fellow contestant Jackson Mawhinney. While the pair broke up, it looks like the 23-year-old British personal trainer and hockey player from will give love another chance on Perfect Match.

Joey Sasso

As the winner of the inaugural season of The Circle, Joey Sasso won $100,000 and the hearts of not only his fellow contestants but viewers everywhere with his Italian bro charm. The 29-year-old actor, who is originally from Rochester, N.Y., has relocated to Los Angeles after The Circle, where he’s appeared in web series and even shows like Girls5Eva. In the first episode, he reveals that ahead of the show, he’s casually seen Francesca and Kariselle.

Kariselle Snow

Kariselle Snow is no stranger to dating competition shows; the 27-year-old New Jersey native not only appeared on the first season of Netflix’s Sexy Beasts, where she met her competitors while disguised as a panda, but she also appeared on season 8 of MTV’s dating show, Are You the One? Kariselle, or Kari, as she’s often called, also competes in beauty pageants, taking home the title of Miss New Jersey in the 2020 Miss USA pageant, and is an avid cosplayer.

Lauren “LC” Chamblin

When Lauren Chamblin appeared on the first season of Love Is Blind, she was at the heart of one of the show’s major storylines in the pods—a messy entanglement with fellow contestants Matthew Barnett, his now-wife Amber Pike, and Jessica Batten. While the 31-year-old recruiter, who lives in Atlanta, GA., professed that she only wanted to date Barnett, following the show’s end, she later briefly dated Batten’s ex-fiancé, Mark Cuevas.

Mitchell Eason

Mitchell Eason is no stranger to flirting on camera. The real estate agent and model, who formerly had his own landscaping business, left quite the impression when he appeared on season 2 of The Circle, striking up a chemistry-laden flirtation with fellow contestant, Chloe Veitch, who is also appearing on Perfect Match. Eason’s former foray into reality TV was also a family affair—his mother and brother appeared as a secret duo on the first season of The Circle.

Nick Uhlenhuth

Nick Uhlenhuth made his reality TV debut on the third season of The Circle, where he quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his laid-back charm. The senior product manager who originally hails from Louisville, K.Y., where he has a twin brother, but now works for a tech company in Austin, Texas, where he’s putting his degree in computer science from MIT to good use.

Savannah Palacio

Savannah Palacio held her own competing as herself on season 2 of The Circle, but will be appearing on reality TV in a new capacity, looking for love on Perfect Match. The 26-year-old digital creator, who originally hails from California, formerly worked as a data researcher in DC, but appears to be a full-time influencer now.

Shayne Jansen

Viewers of season 2 of Love Is Blind may remember the Shayne Jansen for his high energy and outspoken personality, but it’s more likely that they’ll associate him with his passionate, but at times stormy relationship with then-fiancée Natalie Lee, which was one of the major storylines of the season. While Lee ultimately broke up with Jansen at the altar during the show’s dramatic finale, the 33-year-old real estate agent, who now lives in Chicago, is looking for love again on Perfect Match.

Will Richardson

When Netflix viewers last saw Will Richardson, he was crowned the winner of The Mole, taking home the cash prize of $101,500 after correctly identifying the mole in his cast. The 31-year-old, who hails from Henderson, NV, played baseball in college and now channels his love of sports into his job as a lifestyle brand manager for athletes.

Zay Wilson

The last time that Zay Wilson was on a reality tv show, he appeared on The Ultimatum, the Netflix series where couples faced with the decision to marry, break up and date other contestants before deciding whether or not to stay together and tie the knot. Wilson appeared on with his-then long term partner Rae Williams, who broke up with him on the show after he proposed to her. The breakup doesn’t seem to have daunted the 27-year-old model, who’s originally from Austin, Texas, from trying the reality competition game again with Perfect Match.

Meet the Cast of Perfect Match

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